Jon Krohn

Jon Krohn


Jon Krohn is a data science leader, innovator and entrepreneur in machine learning and generative AI. As Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist of, he spearheads an ambitious R&D roadmap for developing cutting-edge natural language models and AI solutions to automate and augment business processes. Jon manages a cross-functional team creating AI capabilities via intuitive APIs and UIs, also pioneering robust tools to mitigate algorithmic biases.

Alongside his entrepreneurial pursuits, Jon is a prolific educator and creator of best-selling AI/ML content. He wrote the #1 book "Deep Learning Illustrated," hosts the popular "SuperDataScience" podcast with more than 4 million downloads a year, and his online courses have taught more than 100,000 students. Jon's exceptional contributions earned him the 2021 Data Community Creator Award for the AI/ML YouTube Channel.

Prior to founding, Jon was Chief Data Scientist at Untapt, an AI startup acquired by Wynden Stark Group in 2021. His earlier roles included quantitative trading, developing award-winning ad-tech at Omnicom's Annalect, and conducting postgraduate neuroscience research at the University of Oxford and Wilfrid Laurier University.

A thought leader advising multiple tech company boards, Jon combines data science expertise with business acumen and an ethical approach to AI development. He holds a PhD from Oxford University.

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